Inspiration is out there

The sea, the sun, the sky, the clouds, the wind...
and a touch of imagination

Penny Webb

That's me. I am an artist working in Surrey, UK and using my passion for art to create works using media that allow shape and form to emerge from the gravity and chemistry of inks, resins and other lotions and potions! My goal as an artist is to create the conditions. and parameters within which beauty can emerge. I assemble the ingredients and - using years of experimentation - I exercise a measure of control over the end product. If this sounds modest, it is because I am often surprised myself at the beauty that takes shape before my eyes. I'm an apprentice Alchemist in many ways.

I came to art relatively late despite belonging to a family that includes working artists and craftspeople. I felt an 'inner fire' that needed expression. A desire to bring into the world what I can see when I close my eyes sometimes.

Screenshot 2018-01-14 20.17.59.jpg

My early exhibitions gave me huge confidence with many of my works selling quickly - even to other artists. This confidence has settled into an overarching happiness with my work. It is not a job - it is a privilege.

I do take on commissions - when time permits! Sometimes people have seen one of my works and would like a variation of their own, with their own colour inspirations. Less frequently, I take on work to represent nature - landscapes and flowers brought to life with an abstract tinge . Each time I embark upon one, it gives me huge pleasure to see it take on a life of its own complementary to that I am representing.

All my unsold works are available as high quality prints. This option ceases as soon as the original art is sold.

I hope you enjoy my work. I love it and I hope that shines through.

Penny x

Resin pouring!

Resin pouring!